Pure Data for Analytics

The ability to make informed decisions based on key data and facts is essential to the success of any organisation. The ability to do so with greater accuracy and speed than the competition can push the business beyond the competition and make it a market leader.

The IBM PureData for Analytics Appliance will allow you to do just that.

Built and configured from the ground up to operate faster and more efficiently than any other data warehouse or analytic solution in the market today your business will:

  • Achieve a fuller, more accurate picture as you run queries against ALL your data and not just a subset of it Data cubes need not apply!
  • Avoid delays in the reporting process and dramatically reduce the time it takes to get the information you need
  • Forget about system capacity, the PureData appliance will allow you to empower the organisation with self-service reporting, The system won’t slow down like standard data warehouses no matter how much data you load into it or how many complex queries you run against it.

In short The PureData Analytics Appliance offers Simple, Affordable, Speed.


The All-In-One Appliance


As a data warehouse appliance it has everything you need when it comes out the box. Hardware and software arrive tuned and configured for maximum performance. All you need to do is give it the data. Couldn’t be simpler. Could it?

Well. Yes. And it is. With the PureData appliance there are no complex schemas or data cubes needed. Just data… as much as you can get. Simply load your data into a table and start analyzing and reporting on it using the included Cognos BI software or whatever reporting solution you choose. Let the appliance do all the hard work.


Affordable to buy. Affordable to manage. Affordable for you.

As an all-in-one system, the PureData for Analytics appliance will give you huge savings over the alternative software and hardware combinations, while also gaining the bells and whistles to boost your business.

Affordability is about more than the initial cost of the appliance though. Install is included, set-up is easy and the day-to-day management of the appliance is straight forward as well, The result? It is less resource intensive and has a lower cost of ownership and so is less of a budget drain than other solutions in the market.

The PureData appliance family is designed to be accessible to all organisations aiming to develop and strengthen business intelligence, analytics, and reporting processes. Whatever your data requirements there is a model at a price point that is right for your business.


The PureData appliance is fast, really fast. It will dramatically reduce the time it takes to get the answers you need from your data. Hours become minutes, minutes become seconds, and you move ahead of the competition.

Simple and complex queries on the data can be run in a fraction of the time it would normally take with some users showing response times operatig 10 or 100 times quicker than previous data warehouse or analytics system.

As the appliance comes pre-configured and ready to go you can be analyzing your data within a couple of days of delivery.

With speed at the heart of the PureData for Analytics appliance you can start to realize the return on investment sooner than any other solution, and receive the answers you need quicker than you would any other solution.


The PureData Appliance is a true all-in-one system if you need it to be and includes all the tools you would need to get started on your Big Data & Analytics journey, including:

  • Cognos BI Analytics – with 5 analytics user licenses and an administrator you can start deep analytics on your data using the market leading Business Intelligence platform.
  • Infosphere Datastage – IBM’s leading ETL tool to help get your data from production databases to the appliance.
  • IBM BigInsights for Hadoop Data Services
  • Infosphere Streams – start exploring the benefits of real time analytics and become even more agile.

Of course, if you would prefer to connect an exsting solution for any of the above options then you can do so without losing any of the puredata appliance benefits