Any partnering engagement has to be beneficial for both parties involved, but most of all it has to be beneficial for the customer

At Integres we operate an extensive partnering program where we have developed high value relationships with expert delivery partners and some of the leading Systems Intergrators of the industry.

So why partner with Integres?

Read on below or click on the image to the right to download our Partner Overview to learn how partnering with Integres can benefit your business.



Partnering Overview detailing opportunity and how a partnership with Integres could help you develop your business through the sale of IBM software.
Niche Delivery Partner
System Integrator

If you are a niche delivery partner…

Partnering with Integres could be an opportunity to significantly grow your business and gain access to otherwise closed accounts.

Integres operates a core team of consultants and contractors but like every resource sometimes it can be stretched. On these occasions our partner network is extremely important to us and we will employ the skills available from the most appropiate partners i.e. you.

Additionally if you are a niche provider there may be areas that you are not confident in or able to transact. Integres can plug these gaps for you and ensure that you don’t miss out on any potential revenue from your customer base.

If you are interested in forming a profitable partnership please contact us.

If you are a cross vendor license seller or larger SI…

When you are working across multiple large vendors it is often difficult to miantain an in-depth knowledge of the large portfolios of each of the vendors and harder still to maintain the various accreditations required to sell the products.

Integres’ salesforce can operate as an extension of your organization and work alongside your account managers to determine the best options for you moving forwaard with your clients and help you transact the requirement if needed.

By leveraging the expertise and knowledge of Integres you can provide your customer with the high level of service they demand without the need to maintain a costly and time consuming IBM accreditation program.

If you are interested in forming a profitable partnership please contact us.