Servers and storage are essential to every organization today. Advances in technology have seen servers become increasingly powerful and storage capacity more vast. Performance improvements mean lower total cost of ownership, greater return on investment and massive efficiency gains for daily operations.

Read on below to find out more about the IBM’s leading hardware and storage options and look at how Infrastructure as a service could alter the way your business operates in the future.


Servers and Storage

Industry Leading Hardware

IBM’s industry leading infrastructure portfolio is built with stability and power at its core to give you the confidence that investing in IBM servers and hardware is investing for the long term successful growth of your business.

IBM’s Power Systems catalogue consistently leads the way in independent performance benchmarks and testing, making it better placed than any other offering, to help your business overcome the challenges of today.  Built on open technology IBM’s systems will integrate seamlessly with your existing hardware environment and enable you to reduce costs through consolidation without any loss of performance.

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IBM Storage

As the quantity of data grows exponentially the need for increasingly advanced ways of storing and subsequently easily accesing that storage become increasingly important.

IBM’s Spectrum Storage and Flash Storage technology give increased storage capacity and greater performance benefits at a fraction of the cost. These storage options are up to 45 times faster, and much more efficient taking up less floor space, less power and ultimately less budget than traditional storage options.

With IBM storage technology you can store more data, spend less on it and get to the information you stored much faster than you would be able to previously allowing you to be more proactive and responsive getting ahead of the competition.

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IaaS with IBM Softlayer

Higher Performance – Better Control – More Flexibility

With IBM Softlayer customers can have all the benefits of on-premise infrastructure without the need for significant up-front investment. As a fully customizable, scalable and flexible Infrastructure as a Service offering you can take advantage of the latest hardware technology at the touch of a button for a monthly subscription fee.

IBM Softlayer’s intuitive and user-friendly system makes it easy to provision and manage ‘your hardware’ while several world class data centres ensure that your infrastrcutre cloud instance has the stability and reliability needed to ensure zero downtime for your mission critical systems.

If you are considering a new hardware investment or upgrade consider IBM Softlayer and Infrastrcuture as a Service.

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