Are you under pressure to reduce IT costs in the business?

Do you want the flexibility to ramp up or wind down your software requirement, as your business needs it?

Could you benefit from having the latest advances as they are released without a costly or time-consuming upgrade?

Would an easier, more affordable, more flexible approach to software boost your business?

If the answer to any of the above is ‘Yes’ then the Cloud is for you. Taking advantage of cloud based software solutions is the only way to achieve the cost savings and flexibility demanded by the market without sacrificing any of the functionality and benefits you would receive with traditional IT investments. This is why business large and small, start-up and long-established, are turning to the cloud today.

At Integres we work with the IBM Cloud, the most complete, robust and secure set of cloud based software-as-a-service offerings available. From Human Resource Recruitment processes to Marketing and Sales strategy development, the IBM cloud can help your business grow beyond the competition quickly and easily.

Below are just some of the options open to you with the IBM Cloud. If you are interested in Cloud computing and would like to discuss how we can help please contact us.

Big Data
Secure Device Management

Get Your Silver Lining with the IBM Cloud!

Big Data

If you want to embark on a Big Data project (or Small Data for that matter) then IBM Cloud solutions can help. Based on IBM’s industry leading Information Management solution portfolio the Big Data Cloud can help you achieve the scalability and agility you need to support your systems, applications and people with the data they need to drive the business forward.

IBM Cloudant is a NoSQL (not only SQL) operational database as a service offering built to handle various types of data from a range of sources ideal for underpinning enterprise and mobile applications and websites.

dashDB is an in-memory database-as-a-service built with big data and analytics at its core. With dashDB you can rapidly scale and develop your business analytics programs getting more of the answers you need from relational or geo-spatial data, faster than ever before. Watch the brief video on the left to find out more.

If you are keen to explore Data services in the cloud and how they can benefit your business let us know and we can discuss your objectives and how IBM Cloud can help.


Powerful analytics and reporting underpins timely, insightful decisions that in turn drive success. Doing all this using the IBM Cloud adds a new level of business flexibility and agility empowering employees to make informed decisions more effectively than ever.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is the market leading analytics and reporting solution, providing key insight and analysis for businesses of all shapes and sizes across a range of industries. As a cloud based service offering Cognos BI is even more empowering and accessible to line of business facilitating in-depth data analysis securely, cost effectively, with maximum flexibility anytime, anywhere.

Predictive Analytics in the Cloud enables business to build complex data models and develop powerful insight into what lies ahead identifying potential opportunities and market changes so that you, with this newfound knowledge, can put in place the systems and processes necessary to capitalise on it and move ahead of the competition.

IBM Watson Analytics is the latest advanced in cognitive computing from IBM. As a cloud based service offering it is extremely powerful analysis, predictive, data visualization tool that can greatly augment existing activities. Watson Analytics intelligence makes it extremely easy to use and can highlight the answers you want before you ask the question! Interested? There is a restricted yet full functional option available for FREE.

Contact us to find out more about the latest Analytics solutions available in the cloud and discuss how you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.


Adopting cloud computing can be extremely advantageous to business but it can also raise the difficult question of integration. Business work best when systems talk to each other so how to make disparate cloud based applications communicate and share data, and more importantly how to make those applications communicate and share data with your on-premise systems such as an ERP or accounting package.

Castiron Live is a cloud based integration platform designed with business in mind. Castiron brings cloud systems closer together and integrates the cloud-based systems with your on-premise applications. The system is extremely secure and easy-to-use, relying on a graphical user interface to link up systems rather than any complex coding or development normally associated with system integration. The result is a cost effective, business friendly integration service.

With Castiron live you can operate a truly hybrid environment and gain all the benefits of cloud computing while maintaining and boosting your valuable in-house assets. If you would like to find out more or have a 30-day free trial please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Secure Device Management

The proliferation of mobile devices and the increasing trend of Bring Your Own Device have been great for productivity but have also raised issues of cost management and security for businesses. Mobile phones, tablets and to a lesser extent laptops can be easily lost or stolen which leaves an open gateway to your organisation’s data for whoever finds it. How can you guard against this?

IBM Fiberlink MaaS360 is a cloud based mobile device management solution that aids in cost management (particularly where mobile phones are concerned) and builds in enhanced security to protect your organisations content and data on the mobile devices. MaaS360 is easy to use and can be quickly implemented across all mobile devices (even in a BYOD environment) so your organisation can be protected instantly.

Click here to find out more about this modular solution or contact us now to discuss your requirements and find out how MaaS360 can help.