People and Talent Management

At Integres we believe that your most valuable asset is your people, so we work with our customers to provide solutions to their Talent Management requirements across the entire employee lifecycle.

Whether you are looking to hire and develop your future leaders or gain valuable insights from your HR data that can help drive enhanced business performance, IBM’s Kenexa and Watson Talent offering help ensure you hire the right people and make the right decisions to drive your business forward.

Now more than ever, Talent Management and HR can be the driving force behind any successful business. Click on this link to find where you fit in this transformation and how IBM Talent Management can help you build on your success so far.


Harness the Power of Your People with IBM Kenexa


Talent Acquisition is a delicate and sometimes costly process so when you bring on board a new candidate you want to be certain that they will thive in the role and quickly bring value to the business.

Through IBM Talent Frameworks you can access a vast library of industry specific job profiles that can help you define and develop current and future role requirements for the business. A clearer definition of the role as it is now and how it could evolve in the future can help you match candidate profiles to your organisations requirements and ensure longevity for the candidates.

Using IBM Assessments during your selection process will enable you to verify candidate skills and confirm behavioural traits, personality and cultural fit for the role. Compiled from over 30 years of research these entirely web-based  assessments are quick, easy and low-cost to deploy and can provide the final reassurance that the candidate you hire is most likely to succeed in the role.

Contact us now if you are interested in learning more or if you would like a free demonstration / trial of the assessments package.

Recruitment and Staffing Agencies; IBM offer an unlimited assessment package specifically for your industry. If you would like to find out how you can add value to your client engagements and improve candidate success in a simple, cost-effective way then contact us to discuss and test the assessments package that can help you do just that.


The art of listening should never be overrated and the art of listening to and engaging with your employees can be a real determinant in their job satisfaction, productivity and ultimately the success of the organisation.

IBM Employee Voice allows the organisation to gather the latest information and knowledge from the ‘people on the ground’ identifying potential issues or opportunities for the business and simultaneously provides employees with a platform to contribute their views and shape the future direction and decision making of the organisation.

There is no greater spur for productivity than a sense of ownership and using IBM’s surveys and engagement solutions you can provide just that.


In todays fast changing world it is important that your employees can evolve and grow in their work environment in terms of learning and development and career progression. It is just as important to provide the opportunity for your colleagues to explore and discover their own path as it is for you as the Talent Management specialists to identify areas of need and opportunity for development, education and learning that will allow your colleagues and your organisation to flourish.

IBM Watson Career Coach can help your organisation build the skills of the existing team, improve employee engagement and reduce costs through increased retention of the very best performers. All helping to push the business forward.

Watson Career Coach is an intelligent interactive tool that aligns your organisational objectives with the skillset and ambition of your employees. Using Career Coach you and your colleagues can map out or explore potential career paths, identifying skills gaps and building a development and training plan to enable them to get there.


The ability to make informed decisions based on real-time data is essential in any line of business – this is no different for Talent Management professionals. To quickly identify and appropriately reward top performers, determine appropriate pay-scale adjustments, uncover new roles, skill gaps and opportunity essential to the growth and success of your business. These are just a few of the areas that Talent Management and HR Professionals would benefit through the use of IBM Watson Talent Insights.

With IBM Watson Talent Insights analysis of HR information and data has never been easier. Conduct straightforward analysis or simply ask Watson a question (as you would a colleague) and get the answers and results you need, in an easy to understand format – Watson may even suggest associated areas of interest based on the results it presents.

Talent Management professionals can use these informed, intelligent insights to improve employee satisfaction, increase retention and help shape the strategy of the organisation as you predict outcomes that can positively impact the business going forward.